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2 Months Baby Feeding

2 months baby feeding

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baby j's bottles

baby j's bottles

soon he shall say goodbye to these and start to learn how to use a beaker when he starts his solids.

baby j is a relatively easy-going baby as he will not refuse the bottle if i have changed the bottle brand or teat but still drinks happily as usual.

baby j mainly uses pigeon, which is a very good brand, changed teat from S to M since he was 2 months old and still using M. Y is harder for him to use but I use it when I feed him water.

Avent - small one is good, used occassionally when baby j was much younger and ran out of bottles. BPA free bottles are bad - they all leak badly no matter how we close the cap.

dr betta - cute bottle shape and very easy to feed but hard to clean and shake due to its slim body. we used to use it for all the mid night/ early morning feed because baby j can finished the milk more quickly and thus, we could go back to sleep more quickly.

B free plus, bought only because baby j started to have more possetting after 4 months. it seems helpful as it takes longer for baby j to finish a bottle and the teat is softer comparing to pigeon.

detailed comparison will be done later at my blog -cati.

Hungry baby

Hungry baby

Wait.... I have to feed it now...... whose idea was that?

Canon 5D
Canon 24-70mm f/2.8 L USM

2 months baby feeding

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