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10 week old baby sleep - White baby suits - Twin baby names

10 Week Old Baby Sleep

10 week old baby sleep

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Introducing Zamba

Introducing Zamba

Zamba the bengal kitten came home today - 10 wks old
He's feeling a little lost without his Mum and and brothers and sisters. It's only been a few hours, but he's started playing and eating and sleeping on Trev's tummy.

He's still going in search of his Mum though... his little cries for Mum are heartbreaking! I feel like a horrible person right now :(

But isn't he the cutest!!!

Not the most focused photo, but he won't sit still for long, and there'll be plenty of more photo ops when he's settled in a bit more.

6 weeks

6 weeks

Just back from 10 days out of town, catching up with family and friends. This was the first of two sessions while away. Master O, at 6 weeks old, was an easier model than many of the week old babes I've photographed! I just love his hair - it's like he just had a quick trip to the salon!

10 week old baby sleep

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10 week old baby sleep

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